The Beauty of Branding

At Big Cat Idea, we are often asked what is it that makes a great logo? The answer can often be very difficult as it is due to personal likes and dislikes.
There are some cool sites out, which talk about the beauty of the logo. So I thought I would take some time out to show these site and explain what they do.

Logo Lounge: Explains the current trends in logos, and has some nice examples of how these trends are being executed.

Just Creative: Nice blogging site, which is really informative about the world of design, the link, has nice example of ‘What makes a good logo?’

Graphic design blog: Looking for a weird or playful logo? Check this site out, there are some nice examples on this site spend some time on these, they are very clever!

Graphic design blog: Again this blog come up trumps! This time it explains certain logos that have hidden messages. This is cool.

Spyrestudios: A nice site to get inspiration from. You can get an idea for a logo from anywhere! Urban typography is the key here.

TobleroneToblerone is a logo that I recently discovered has a symbolic image, can you see what it is? it is really cool once you figure out what it is.
I hope this has helped, I certainly enjoyed looking at all the links myself have fun.



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8 responses to “The Beauty of Branding

  1. Is it a biblical figure? Like Jesus on the toast?

  2. Leila

    Is it a Squirrel on its back legs with a head piece on?

  3. marketing43

    Great Resources. Thank You.

  4. Nice blog. thanks for the resources. very good.

    • bigcatidea

      The secret revealed on the Toblerone logo

      You must be thinking, what is there to find out as it clearly shows the Swiss Alps?
      In fact, Toblerone originated in Bern, Switzerland – A city whose name is rumored to mean, “City of bears”.
      Look at it again you will find a bear in the logo. It is nice and simple and blends in well on the mountain.

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