The art of Art Direction

As a creative, one of my key roles within the industry is Art Direction. Mostly this involves steering the way projects end up, both strategically and aesthetically, through the use of substract, type, image, shape and colour and on the odd occasion with the use of light and/or moving image.

My most recent AD assignment took me down a quite unusual path as the requirements were very specific but at the same time awkward.

In short, a new client had asked for a photoshoot to help promote the launch of a new range of products. Established for over 140 years, but needed to develop and modernise the brand, re-invent themselves, new markets, new opportunities,  etc etc. Only problem was, the photoshoot that they wanted was full of high expectation… “ Can we have a 30-35 year old with an Audrey Hepburn feel/Claudia Schiffer age/Girls Aloud attitude, finally can we get it done and printed for Tuesday last week!!!

Of course we delivered, because that’s what we do! Right? Where was I going to find a FREE model of that age, hair that could be styled and with plenty of slap on could be transformed and commercially acceptable.

They say “never work with animals and children”. I’ve got one more to add to that…. THE WIFE!!!!!

Check out the before and after shots for yourself!!



After 1

After 1

After 2

After 2


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