Does Twitter have a true identity?

As I mentioned in a previous blog, Twitter recently changed it’s own branding…
However when I searched for new the Twitter branding, I found that everyone seems to have there own various of the Twitter bird? Why is this? Is this good for the brand? Below are a few examples I thought you could look at……

Twitter bird



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3 responses to “Does Twitter have a true identity?

  1. Not being a branding guy, I am not an expert but I quite like the range of icons. I think it adds personality to the brand and makes it more appealing to a broader demographic. Twitter’s saturation is expanding exponentially and it will need to keep attracting new audiences.

  2. My initial thoughts were that you can look at any of one of those “logos” and know straight away that if you click it you’ll end up on someone’s Twitter page. People can take a cute little bird, adapt to their own scheme and still make it clear what it is. This suggests to me its not just a strong brand with, as Anthony says, a personality, but a social one too.

  3. Even though each of these design’s is unique they still follow, the same colour scheme and bird theme. It’s great to see that such a popular global brand has allowed people to take their logo and give their interpretation, which allows for better inclusion to complement the companies branding and not just Twitters. A bit like Twitter itself which has seen the social media community develop it’s own language and grammar to make Twitter more accessible, inclusive and user friendly.

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