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Does Twitter have a true identity?

As I mentioned in a previous blog, Twitter recently changed it’s own branding…
However when I searched for new the Twitter branding, I found that everyone seems to have there own various of the Twitter bird? Why is this? Is this good for the brand? Below are a few examples I thought you could look at……

Twitter bird



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Going down the social club! and Dugg it!

As a the senior creative at BigCat I guessed it was about time that I contributed to this new world of  social tweetchatter ( I’ve trademarked that one!)

All the other guys in the office seem to be right on it and it became apparent the time had come for me to get myself immersed.

I stumbled across this guy from Seattle, USA. His name is Lee Le Fever (cool name) and he makes these really simple but effective information videos to help people (like me) to understand the nature of  Social Networking, Twitter, RSS, Blogs, etc.

I found them useful and thought I would pass the linksthe-computer-demands-a-blog on to anyone else that needs a bit more info in their locker before they come out.

I watched them all, the zombie one was a bit of a curve ball!!
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