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The real world but not as we know it…..

The real world, but not as we know it. The film industry has a great influx of new digitally mastered films, with the likes of Transformers being a massive hit. There are more masterpieces in production, so I thought I would examine a few, that I think look amazing.

Tron: Legacy

Tron Legacy is a contemporary version of the ’80 cult classic’. The Big wigs in Hollywood have now made a more slick and finished version and it looks awesome. I’m not too sure of the plot, but as you can see from the trailer, the graphics will definitely impress.





Alice in Wonderland

The genius that is Tim Burton has re-made this Disney classic. It follows the familiar, weird, and wonderfull style of other Tim Burton films i.e. Beatlejuice? If you’re looking for an all round ‘realistic but surreal’ graphic set-up then this is one to see.



There is news of a new Toy Story film coming out early next year, so let’s hope it gets here sooner rather than later.


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Macformers – Robots in disguise

Quick blog…I recently came across this great piece of footage of a Mac that transforms…don’t believe me? Check the video out at

What’s amazing about this video is that it seems so ‘real’, the camera never really changes focus, there is still camera shake, as though this is ‘really’ happening, and the commentary finishes it off, as you can tell that the person who is watching the transformation, can’t believe whats happening.

Great piece of video manipulation.

Mac's can now transform

Mac's can now transform

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King Rat

Wow, this is my first EVER blog post. I’m one of the designers at Big Cat and I’ll be leaving posts up here every now and again with anything interesting that’s caught my eye.

In particular, Modest Mouse return with new material, as well as a new video for ‘King Rat’. Directed by Heath Ledger after meeting with Isaac Brock in 2007, the video focuses on the illegal commercial whale hunting that occurs off the coast of Australia. The video features a reversal of the roles between the hunters and whales where, as the video progresses, the message becomes clearer.

Modest Mouse - King Rat Video

There’s also an interesting blog by Daniel Auber on the making of the video. It was finished by The Masses, the film/music company Heath Ledger was part of. If you get the video off iTunes, the proceeds from the first month of its release go to Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, who campaign to save the habitat of wildlife and protect ecosystems in the world’s oceans.

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