The value of work experience…by Sarah Stephenson

One of the photos I took in Birmingham

A photo I took in Birmingham

I am currently studying a BA (Hons) in Graphic Communication at the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff. My University was very keen for all second years to gain some work experience in the summer holidays before we went into our final and most important year of our degree.

So before the end of term in June, I began emailing graphic design agencies all over Birmingham. Thankfully, Big Cat replied, and after a short interview I started at the beginning of July. I am so grateful for all the help and guidance that I have received in the few weeks that I have been here.  The opportunity has been so worthwhile and I have gained an insight into designing for the real world.
I have been on two photo-shoots, created illustrations, and produced ideas and scamps for live briefs. Nathan also joined us for a week’s work experience in mid-July, and we rummaged through rubbish bins and created letterforms. Our input into one particular brief helped to create a unique and exciting piece of design, which felt great to be a part of. I have also been around the sites of Birmingham and took some abstract photographs, and got very messy when I helped with the interior design of the Old Library at the Custard Factory.
I have had such a beneficial time at Big Cat, and would advise anyone who will soon be let loose in the real world to get some work experience. It has definitely been a wake-up call for me, and I am now wiser in what standard I need to be at by the time I finish University; it is so important to absorb yourself within the graphic design industry and begin to make contacts as soon as you can.

Thankyou very much Big Cat!

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Going down the social club! and Dugg it!

As a the senior creative at BigCat I guessed it was about time that I contributed to this new world of  social tweetchatter ( I’ve trademarked that one!)

All the other guys in the office seem to be right on it and it became apparent the time had come for me to get myself immersed.

I stumbled across this guy from Seattle, USA. His name is Lee Le Fever (cool name) and he makes these really simple but effective information videos to help people (like me) to understand the nature of  Social Networking, Twitter, RSS, Blogs, etc.

I found them useful and thought I would pass the linksthe-computer-demands-a-blog on to anyone else that needs a bit more info in their locker before they come out.

I watched them all, the zombie one was a bit of a curve ball!!
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King Rat

Wow, this is my first EVER blog post. I’m one of the designers at Big Cat and I’ll be leaving posts up here every now and again with anything interesting that’s caught my eye.

In particular, Modest Mouse return with new material, as well as a new video for ‘King Rat’. Directed by Heath Ledger after meeting with Isaac Brock in 2007, the video focuses on the illegal commercial whale hunting that occurs off the coast of Australia. The video features a reversal of the roles between the hunters and whales where, as the video progresses, the message becomes clearer.

Modest Mouse - King Rat Video

There’s also an interesting blog by Daniel Auber on the making of the video. It was finished by The Masses, the film/music company Heath Ledger was part of. If you get the video off iTunes, the proceeds from the first month of its release go to Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, who campaign to save the habitat of wildlife and protect ecosystems in the world’s oceans.

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The Beauty of Branding

At Big Cat Idea, we are often asked what is it that makes a great logo? The answer can often be very difficult as it is due to personal likes and dislikes.
There are some cool sites out, which talk about the beauty of the logo. So I thought I would take some time out to show these site and explain what they do.

Logo Lounge: Explains the current trends in logos, and has some nice examples of how these trends are being executed.

Just Creative: Nice blogging site, which is really informative about the world of design, the link, has nice example of ‘What makes a good logo?’

Graphic design blog: Looking for a weird or playful logo? Check this site out, there are some nice examples on this site spend some time on these, they are very clever!

Graphic design blog: Again this blog come up trumps! This time it explains certain logos that have hidden messages. This is cool.

Spyrestudios: A nice site to get inspiration from. You can get an idea for a logo from anywhere! Urban typography is the key here.

TobleroneToblerone is a logo that I recently discovered has a symbolic image, can you see what it is? it is really cool once you figure out what it is.
I hope this has helped, I certainly enjoyed looking at all the links myself have fun.


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Is twitter going in the right direction with it’s new branding?

I have recently noticed that twitter have a new brand to go with it’s home page.

In my opinion they seem to be going in the right direction. They no longer have a simple stock shot to represent it’s almost ‘cult’ following, it now has it’s own voice, ‘so to say’. The new twitter bird is quirky and cool and sits well on the beautifully designed background, it is a fun and engaging homepage that suits the masses of the different backgrounds we all have on our own profiles.

Mashable go indepth on this subject and it is worth a read. twitter

Twitter has become a world wide brand that reaches out to a huge audience, which has never happened before with the likes of Facebook, Bebo and Myspace.

With this new branding element, it shows that they are putting in the effort to keep it that way. As the mashable link says, Twitter was originally just to show your friends what you were up to, it is now a tool that can be used for business, pleasure and lots more!

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Hello, Përshëndetje, hola, zdravo, ahoj, hej, hallo, tere, bonjour, merhaba, witaj, piacere, hello, salut, and welcome to the Big Idea blog.


If you want get to know the business of graphic design then the Bigcat idea blog is the place to be.

We will adhere to bring you up to date information on all that is design. Our posts will be fun and informative
and we hope you all enjoy reading them. Please feel free to comment
(whether good or bad) as all thoughts and opinions are welcome.

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Our collective Big Cat blog is also worth a read – – showing you how we come together as a 360 agency.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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